At watermark we proudly feature Bullfrog Spas

Why Bullfrog?

At Watermark spas and pools we have always maintained a high level of prority in choosing a line of spas we value and trust as vendors. We are introducing our new line of spas  – Bullfrog Spas. Bullfrog Spas has two different series we currently carry -the A series and the R series.

Stop in and see all the available options and choices that are possible with our new line of spas.We are very excited to show you all the new inovations. Read below some of the specific reasons for our excitement!

What sets Bullfrog apart?


Plumbing System

The plumbing used in other conventional spas is inefficent, expensive and unreliable. Bullfrog Spas’ exclusive H2 Airmanifold is one simple, self-contained seat back unit. These manifolds allow Bullfrog Spas to use approximately 90% less plumbing than is used on conventional spas. This results in greater efficiency and optimal performance.

With a conventional spa, the plumbing is by far more complex than a Bullfrog, and in return makes your average spa less energy efficient and making water longer to heat up. With Bullfrog’s simple plumbing the cost of heating a Bullfrog is exceptionally more cost efficient than comparable brands.  

Due to the simple interior plumbing design of Bullfrog making repairs is less of a hassle, water heats up faster and stays warmer longer, and the cost of heating a Bullfrog is far less on your monthly energy bill.

Jet Pack Technology

With the convenience of jet pack technology, Bullfrog spas lets you customize and create your own comfort by being able to switch jet packs to different chairs/loungers. There are seventeen different jet packs to choose from ranging from low flow, medium flow, and high flow. Each pack is adjustable on the bottom to choose how much pressure you would like in each pack. With the freedom of jet pack technology you are not limited to arranged seating. This allows you to customize your Spa by picking the individual Jet Packs that will provide the relief of your aches and pains, while your stress level melts away.


Our commitment to qualify begins with the solid ABS EnduraFrame Base (TM) Foundation. The 100% wood-free EnduraFrame support structure is precision-built with a composite material that is imperious to moisture. Other conventional hot tubs still use wood or metal framing that can rot, warp or corrode. With Bullfrog Spa, you have no need to worry about the elements.

The ultra-durable 3-layer spa shell is designed to last a lifetime. This incredibly strong shell is further supported by energy smart, full-foam insulation. In all areas of design and manufacturing your Bullfrog Spa is built to last and is backed by our comprehensive warranty.

Soothing Sound & Cloud Controls

Unlike normal spas a Bullfrog is made with a synthetic material in the frame of the hot tub.Most hot tubs are made with wood, but Bullfrog spas are made with a wood free Enduraframe. The ultra durable three layer spa shell is designed to last a lifetime.This incredibly strong shell is further supported by energy smart, full foam insulation.The 100% wood free Endura frame support structure is precision built with a composite material that is impervious to moisture.


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